Monday, May 30, 2011


Well it has been awhile since I have posted last but there have been many new and exciting things happening in our lives. I was granted the right to take my children with me to Texas and a Texas we went! Best decision (besides marrying J) that I have made in a looooong time. The kids are happy and did FABULOUS in school this year. Ethan was an honor roll student all year long, he worked so hard for it. Mikey has developed such a wonderful comedic timing. This is kid is just flat out funny. Claire is such a beauty inside and out. She is such a little lady and so intelligent and expressive when she speaks. I am so proud of my kids!
J and me have been enjoying every moment of our family together. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. He is my rock. I have honestly not felt this level of contentment in my life than I have with this man. He keeps me calm and there is no drama in my home. I love that he leaves work at the door and walks through it every night with a smile on his face just happy to be home with us.
Claire loves her J. She recently lost her tooth and he was the very first person she wanted to tell about it. They have this wonderful bond and I am grateful for it.

Here we were waiting to eat at a BBQ place (one of Mikey's favorite places) and they were all sitting here on the stairs like this. I had to snap this picture when I saw it. You are looking at the most important people in my life. The ones I couldn't live without. Yep, I am so living a very content life.