Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adventures In Planting A Garden

I decided that I was going to plant a garden. Then I thought that maybe the kids would like to get in on the fun. Literally!

Mikey standing in the raised garden bed. The direction that was given was stand beside the bed.

The other two got a kick out of Mom's exasperation so they decided to join the fun. So now we can all give a collective "Awe" because they are cutie pies even when they are being devils.

The fun begins!

He is poking at the dirt. Boys will be boys eh?

Three little ducklings all in a row.

She is all business.

She is digging it. Hehe!

The boys decided that playing was more fun. This is what happened when I told them I was going to start digging the holes for the plants to go into.

My straggler

The boys stayed around for a bit. Claire was the super helper today. Maybe she will find a love for gardening.

"Looks heavy Claire. Do you need some help?" I say.

"Nope Momma I got it" she says.
I will have to point out here how her little mouth is wide open. Such determination this one has. Oh, and she wants you to call her Fred. Or Bread as she pronounces it.

The finished product. Hopefully we have just helped these little plants on their way. We planted red and yellow bell peppers, three types of tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapenos, and a yellow squash. I will be so stoked if they actually produce.

See ya guys later!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

Happy Easter Folks!

Here are three very happy little monkeys! I can't believe they stood still long enough for me to get a picture! Ethan has a thing about putting things he wants to take a picture with right in front of his face. I am constantly telling him to move it to the side so we can see who is holding said object. Goodness gracious my kids are so least that is how they appear in pictures. Hehe!

Here is an example of what I was talking about.

And again.....*sigh*. Oh hey Grandma do you see the Scooby Doo shirt? Yes, that is the one that you made possible for him to win at school. It also glows in the dark and he thinks it is super cool. Thanks Grandma!

Here is my angel baby Claire bear. She had a blast hunting for eggs.

Did I mention that I think she is just sooooo pretty? I just want to squeeze on all that cuteness!

A hunting he will go, a hunting he will go, hi ho blah blah blah blah a hunting he did goooooooo!

Ethan, Mikey, and Claire cracking into their eggs. Mmmmm the Easter Bunny left tons of chocolate and jelly beans. What could be better then that I say? Peeps! Yes Peeps would have been better.

I have an unnatural obsession with Peeps...I love, love, LOVE them!

This kid loves them too.

She is checking to make sure that all of her eggs aren't in one basket...
ba dum ching! I crack me up..get it? Crack me up! Ahahaha! Okay I'll stop.

Okay this picture just made me giggle. He never fails me...EVER!

Maybe it is just my boys but they are the goofiest things. Mikey shoved a whole candy coated marshmallow egg into his mouth. He thought he was pretty funny. This kid is only three years old and has the best comic timing of anybody I know.

Here is where Mikey went into a sugar coma...THE END!