Saturday, May 23, 2009

Claire's First Ballet Recital 2009

We arrived nice and early. Can you see how excited she is? Actually she was trying her model smile out. Maybe it is her Miss America plastic smile.

All dressed in her pretty yellow tutu.

She has such a pretty back. The back of the tutu was cute too.

All lined up and ready to get down and boogie...pardon tap. All dressed up and ready to tap, a tap, tap, tap! Shuffle toe heal ball change!

This was the hard part. Changing out from your tap shoes to your ballet slippers. Remember people she is only three...awe!

This is probably one of my favorite pictures. That is Missy and Claire doing an arabesque. Too cute!

She just melts my heart. She looked so thrilled to be there.

Grandma got her that beautiful bouquet of flowers. Claire kept saying over and over "My Gama got me pretty flowers Momma!"

This child was so excited it was popping out of those pretty blue eyes.

Momma and her pretty little ballerina princess Claire. You know it's kinda funny because she is the only one out of the three that calls me Momma. We are not extremely southern out here and she picked that name for me all on her own. She has even gotten me to call my Mom, Momma.

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