Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy Days of Summer

I haven't been around much this summer because I have been spending it at the POOL! I did exsactly what I planned which was absolutley nothing but bond with my kids. It was heaven! Heaven I say!!!!!

This is Ethan comming down the slide. Down here in the south we call it "Ass over elbows".

My Mikey Moodle comming down the slide so proud. Notice no floaties! The life guard told him if he could swim from one side of the pool to the other he could go down the "big" water slide. That child put all of himself into that lap. However the twins gave the new life guards that came along a heart attack when they saw how small they were comming down that big slide.

My sweet angle baby Claire. She just loved that cheetah bathing suit with the pink butterfly in the center. She is all booty and what a cute booty she has! Kisses my baby girl!!!

Last but not least my big boy Ethan. He is concentrating hard here. The kids will knock you off those floats in a second. It was called the lilly pads. He was the only one with out a tan this summer. The sun and Ethan just don't get along. I believe he recieved a few more freckles this summer though. He made it across safe and sound.....that time hehe.

My twins taking a break. Hope you all had as much fun as we did this summer! I just love the summers!

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