Friday, March 6, 2009

Kids schedules and how much is too much?

Busy, busy, busy! I have my plate full. Both of my boys are playing baseball of some form. One is playing on the Pee Wee league which is right above the Tball team. The youngest boy would is playing on the pre Tball team. My daughter is doing ballet/tap. Two practices a week per boy and one for my girl. Oh and they are all on different days. No double ups here. I lucked out really. I am able to see all three kiddies do their thang, yes I said me for it. On the other hand it is tiring. I am bushed, sacked out, down for the count. I often wonder if allowing them to do these activities is healthy at such a young age. Mainly I am thinking about the twins who are three.

Tonight at the practice for pre Tball many of the kids got tired and walked off the field (including my own) saying they were done. They have obviously not heard Tom Hanks screaming "There is no crying in baseball". But they are three (mostly) and four years old. An hour and fifteen minutes for practice is stretching it.

Don't get me wrong I think that activities for children are good for them in all ways. I just don't want to be the mom that has so many things planned for them that they don't have time to take a breath and just play and use their imagination. The theory of keeping your kids so loaded up on activities will keep them out of trouble, in my perspective, is false. I think it leads your children into a major blow up in young adult hood. The freedom of being in charge of your life and your desires. It can cause a melt down. Kid will push the boundaries. They will rebel. I think that when you keep them so busy it will come at a later date when it is most important to be focused and not burnt out. Purely my opinion.

It was kinda cute to see my firecracker of the bunch burn out for the night. That boy has so much energy and spunk I just wanna hug him and then swat him on the tush. He deserves both most of the time.


  1. You know, I thought I was busy when all of my children were infants or toddlers. Now I know that it pales in comparison to running around to t-ball, judo, dance, ccd, hockey,swimming, gymnastics, etc...

    Right now I'm trying to strike a balance between so many activities but even if all three of them are in just one thing, that's enough to send me to the loony bin!!