Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh IKEA how I thought I loved thee....

What can I say about IKEA? Let me give you a rundown of my one trip, so far, to IKEA.

So, I decided to spend the day with my mom. Our plans you may ask? Why lunch and some shopping of course! Or as we like to think of it "browsing". The IKEA store is located in downtown Atlanta so from my mom's house it's a good drive but not to bad. First we set the trusty GPS and then we were on our way. We did stop and eat lunch at the Golden Corral, my mom refers to it as "The Hungry Heifer". I think any buffet should be named as such.

Pulling up to this massive building and driving into the parking deck is no small feat. Many people seem to love the IKEA. I am sitting on my hands in excitement of what is to come. You see I have "browsed" through the catalog and saw many wondrous things.

We finally found a place to park and my mom noted that we were on isle C. "Very smart of her" I think. We are on our way! Up an escalator then another. It is custom at the IKEA to start at the top and work your way down. Must not miss a single item! There were so many people. You had to be careful if you stopped to look at something in the isle or somebody may run you over with their cart. The kid's section was my absolute favority favorite! So cute and so much fun! My mom picked my kids up some things after torturing me on what I thought they would like. Half the time I am clueless on what they would be thrilled with or not. I mean kids throw a wrench in the best of ideas. I will say that my decisions were SPOT on! My little girl loves her china (very durable of course) tea set. The eldest boy thought his Bull dog stuffed animal was squishy enough and sleeps with it in his bed. My little boy has been driving me nuts by asking me repeatedly to assemble his wooden train tracks. So on we go!

Yes, we ended up getting a cart and filled it with plants and doodas. Let me tell you about these carts! You can roll them sideways! Yes I said it sideways! I thought that was so cool! They even hook to the flat escalators! European inventions at their best I say. Until we get to the parking deck...

Uhm, yeah, when you park your car in the parking deck remember what floor you were on. I mean there are signs to remind you and all but when you are super excited to just get in you will forget these little trivial things as we did. Yes, we did. Up and down the C isle, no car. Get car keys out and press the lock button several times. No echo of a beep. Then realization after walking the whole parking deck that "maybe" we were on the other floor. Sigh. I mentioned the plants we put in our cart, did I mention they were five feet tall? I had to pull the dang cart behind me because I couldn't see where I was going. Right before we found our car the thing turned sideways and BIT me! Yes! It reared around and tried to smack me in the butt and missed. Not before taking a nice long bite out of my heel! *Insert pouty face here*. The cart ruined my experience all together! Well that and I really don't like feeling like cattle being pushed into a corral. Other then that it was fun. It took us over two hours to make it through. No wonder they have food stops on the way. Hydration is a must! So if you ever go to IKEA be prepared to get down and dirty and maybe take a Valium before hand.

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